1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X

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One more classic. The 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X  is muscle car, it looks like the real monster. The 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X was created and also constructed from the street up to be driven hard. So, as you can to see, this car is damn cool.

1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X Specs

Behind every bit of deal with the car there’s a story that needs to be told– take the motor for example. There are bunches of 5.0-powered cars around nowadays, but when the construct began in the spring of 2010 Ford’s 5.0 motor was a new beast. Thanks to Vaughn‘s connection with Ford Racing, the group was able to get their practical in charge 302R crate electric motor early on.

As soon as he had the electric motor, Vaughn functioned very closely with MoTeC, that established the ECU for the car. The MoTeC M800 is in fact the very first stand alone system to deal with the 5.0 motor and can managing each of the four cameras individually.

The RTR-X could have conveniently been powered by a fully-built supercharged or turbocharged Ford electric motor, however large horse power as well as torque was not the objective here.

Its 401 wheel horse power on 91 octane is not a huge number by contemporary Muscle Car requirements, but it’s a best amount of usable, obtainable power for this 3,160 pound framework. It’s difficult refrain from doing attract contrasts from the high winding Boss 302 Trans Am racers.

Features and Body

The RTR Sprint 2 Sport is an enjoyable, easy to drive and also simple to preserve street car, including a completely pre-assembled race car framework for incredible enjoyable and loads of action! The chassis is factory put together right out of the box, making the Sprint 2 Sport a very easy as well as quick way to obtain directly into driving, racing as well as developing your skills!

The RTR-X will certainly use on a set of sticky Falken RT615-K tires, total with Wilwood brakes. The automobile will additionally showcase a decreased trip elevation, thanks to a custom Art Morrison front sub-frame coupled with a rear Maier Racing push/pull-rod cantilever shock absorber. In a press release issued by Mustang RTR, fabrication is being handled by Twins Turbo and Steen Chassis of Signal Hill, Calif.

The coil over suspension arrangement offers this vehicle a very low and also imply stance. It additionally permits some sweet wandering without having to modify it at all. In maintaining with the suspension, Vaughn’s team set up an extreme cantilevered style coil over racing suspension that would typically be viewed in gt style racing vehicles.

The exhaust is a combo of panache & feature. It’s straight pipe setup where at the back, two different exhaust valves where positioned to aid in a fast power gain. Together with giving the exhaust note a much more raspy tone to it.

1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X Design

The interior was lined with a breathable cross-stitched type of textile. Permitting lots of comfort while either cruising down the strip, or laying rubber at your regional race track. The gauges in this automobile incredibly very little. Motec racing created a basic to utilize all over dash device that generally discusses to the motorist exactly what is happening under the hood.

1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X front fascia

The exterior of this automobile is just like it’s interior, clean & easy. A dark gray base coat, with almost matte/gloss finish, repaired with the monster neon eco-friendly striping. The rolling stock for this monster are a set of job meisters, 18″ x 10″ in the front, and 18″ x 12″ in the rear. It’s safe to state that this boss, has some quite huge footwears to load. Any sort of takers? Make sure to leave your questions, and remarks regarding this article. many thanks for reading, & see you one the following one.


Unfortunately, there is no serial production of 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X. Also, according to the some rumors and speculation, price of this edition is around 250,000 dollars.

1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X dashboard

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