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2015 Pontiac Trans AM – the real story & Trans AM Depot house

You might think that 2015 Pontiac Trans AM is a joke, but you would be wrong. Of course, Both Firebird and Pontiac ultimately, have been put on hold, but there’s still a way to get yourself the iconic pony without

2016 Chevy Silverado Special Ops

2016 Chevy Silverado Special Ops is the latest truck by Chevrolet company and it confirmed for production. The current model of the Silverado has been launched back in 2012 and even though it is not the most powerful and the

2016 Ford Edge

2016 Ford Edge – more aggressive, and new technology. The current Edge has only been released back in 2014 so it is quite a new car. However, despite that Ford wants to update it because they feel like the current

2017 Honda CRV

2017 Honda CRV – first details and rumors are revealed, after a premiere of the 2016 model year. As you can to imagine, new model will bring a lot of changes. The current model of the CRV has been released

2017 Tesla Model 3

The 2017 Tesla Model 3 has been confirmed quite a bit of time ago and even though it has not been released just yet, it managed to get a lot of people interested in it. Why? Well, because Tesla’s CEO

2017 Kia Sportage

2017 Kia Sportage – finally been presented. The all new generation of the Sportage has been released back at the Frankfurt Auto Show and to everyone’s surprise, the car looked much better than it was rumored at first. However, the