2015 Lykan Hypersport

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The 2015 Lykan Hypersport was on display at the Shanghai Auto Show 2015. The Lykan Hypersport is billed as the most expensive car in the global.

Dubai’s Al-Ain Class Motors is one of the few dealers on the planet chosen by W Motors to sell its first item, the Lykan Hypersport. Just 7 examples are destined for manufacturing, each valued from an approximated $3.4 million.

2015 Lykan Hypersport Design


The Lykan is surely an automobile for the times. If not bomb-proof, the Lykan definitely looks bomb-resistant.

In the beginning, the sides of the car resemble an uneven mess of lines and forms. The door is inward from the body panels by at least 5 inches. The fenders curve up around the wheels smoothly from the front, yet from the back the flares back, they have a cut, sharp bottom side. This allows a huge vent merely behind each wheel, lowering air pressure in the wheel wells as well as raising aero trickiness.

The scissor doors are untamed, yet absolutely nothing compared with the back fender. This is one of the most brutal part of the design, with the fender flaring out extremely from the bodywork, virtually like a 1960s Ford GT Le Mans entry, whose rear end is noticeably concerning two feet larger compared to the front.

One of the most fundamental part of the Lykan Hypersport exterior design is that it is genuine– not a rendering or computer created. Hypercar software is as preferred as ever, as well as electronic exterior makings frequently do not emerge.


The interior of this car is one of its even more vapor-esque attributes. They show advanced forms, materials as well as technology.

The seats as well as steering wheel are good examples of W Motors approach with the Lykan Hypersport. They show up to mix pure racing features, like carbon-fiber coverings for the seats and also small diameter for the steering wheel, with some of the imperatives from their purchasers.

Atop the slim one-piece carbon seats there are individual natural leather pads spaced regarding a fifty percent inch apart. The guiding wheel is draped with thick racing Alcantara near the 9 o’ clock as well as 3 o’ clock placements.

The gauges are ID4 display screens via the TFT panel, permitting different information, show shades and also more right in the center rate area. The dashboard has space for a large central touchscreen that vows holographic functions that pop out from the screen as a finger approaches.

Under the Hood & Features

Billed as “Arabia’s initial supercar,” the Lykan Hypersport showcases a bespoke carbon fiber monocoque guest cell, as well as a 3.8-liter flat-six from well-known Porsche receiver RUF. Peak output registers at 770 horse power as well as 737 pound-feet of torque, which is carried to the back wheels using a six-speed sequential gearbox or seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

2015 Lykan Hypersport side view 3

W Motors quotes a 0-62 miles per hour time of 2.8 seconds and also a full blast of 240 miles per hour. The last is dependent on the gearbox option. Such performance places the auto in the exact same category as exclusive autos such as the Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg Agera R, but the qualities of the Lykan Hypersport don’t finish there.

Weaknesses and Advantages


Strangely attractive exterior
Advanced interior
Lightening quick


Impressive $3.4 million price
Not as effective as we would such as
Interior may be software

2015 Lykan Hypersport

2015 Lykan Hypersport Price

W Motors is focused on its following job, a lighter and also much more effective vehicle called the Lykan Supersport. It’s due in about a year’s time. Price of this car is around 3.4 million dollars.

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