2016 Ford Escape Hybrid

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Ford Motor Company prepares to introduce a all-new hybrid crossover, named 2016 Ford Escape Hybrid. 2016 Ford Escape is already available for purchase and it doesn’t exhibit any differences compared to its predecessor. Changes will likely come next year, and as for the Escape hybrid; news are still scarce. Escape did feature a hybrid model some five years ago, during its second generation, but this was a long time ago considering all the recent changes.

Blue oval’s compact crossover is entirely new vehicle now and it doesn’t really need a hybrid since some of its current engines perform better than old hybrid’s powertrains. However, things might change in near future since some of Escape’s competitors are pushing towards the hybrid market.

Under the Hood

2016 Ford Escape hybrid won’t happen. It might appear with fourth generation models, but probably not in initial year. This means that the earliest opportunity for Escape hybrid to arrive is 2018. The only question now remains: “What kind of powertrain will it get”? Mild-hybrid system is out of the question, and only true hybrid should be considered; even if it doesn’t offer any all-electric drive. Ultimately, that will depend on given battery pack, but Atkinson cycle 2.5L 4-cylinder and one electric motor look like the best bet otherwise.

2016 Ford Escape Hybrid rear view

Design – Interior and Exterior

Escape continues visually unchanged for now, but hybrid models will certainly exhibit a different look; just like the rest of the lineup at that point, anyway. This ultimately means that there won’t be any visual discrepancies between the conventional and hybrid line. Still, at this point, it’s hard to discern what kind of an approach will new Escape take? It should get a completely revised frontal fascia and partially updated rear one, but overall crossover shape should continue strong into the next generation.

2016 Ford Escape Hybrid interior

Inside view

Interior won’t be any different as well. At least not compared to the next generation models. Compared to current, 2016 Ford Escape, future conventional and hybrid models alike will be different. New materials and cabin layout are usually a must when generations change, but overall level of refinement will stay intact. This would mean that conventional lineup should be offered with cloth upholstery at lower tiers. On the other hand, Escape hybrid will skip these entry levels entirely and only come with leather seats.

Ford’s EcoGuide gauge cluster will likely be the only real difference between the models. Apart from that, compact crossover will offer the same feature list which includes some advanced safety systems and modern tech goodies.

2016 Ford Escape Hybrid back interior

2016 Ford Escape Hybrid Price

Fuel economy ratings are up for a raise. While conventional models currently manage 23/32 mpg at best, Ford Escape hybrid should take care that commuting figures reach low thirties, first and foremost. Highway figures should remain in close vicinity of the current numbers, but thanks to better city economy, combined ratings will get a boost.

Escape hybrid will likely be offered in SE and Titanium grades and they should cost either $30,000 or $35,000 respectively.

2016 Ford Escape hybrid is, sadly, not happening. That doesn’t have to mean that it won’t return at all. It might well make a comeback in a year or two as competition dictates the terms, and terms demand that every serious compact crossover offers a hybrid iteration.

Competitors: Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav4.

2016 Ford Escape Hybrid side view

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