2016 Mitsubishi XR PHEV II

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One more hybrid SUV coming, 2016 Mitsubishi XR PHEV II. Mitsubishi has brought a new plug-in hybrid crossover principle to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, which the automaker states hints at its future direction, both in terms of designing and also modern technology.

The principle is called the “XR-PHEV II” and also both its name and look make it apparent the automobile is an advancement of the XR-PHEV principle that we initially viewed at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Like the initial XR-PHEV, the brand-new XR-PHEV II in Geneva is almost certainly a preview of the next-generation Outlander Sport.

2016 Mitsubishi XR PHEV II Performance

Under the hood, as its name implies, this idea the XR PHEV II is a plug-in hybrid electric car (PHEV), as well as it produces a respectable 163 PS from its electric engine. This electric engine powers simply the front wheels, restricting its abilities, yet at 40 grams of CO2 per km, it is between the very best of all PHEVs.

There is no notification of just what gas engine will compose the gross side of this drivetrain, yet I am really certain that it’ll be a small-displacement turbocharged device to keep its effectiveness as high as would economize.

Design – Exterior & Interior

The 2016 Mitsubishi XR PHEV II is essentially an extension of the 2013 XR PHEV that Mitsubishi debuted a while back. While the XR PHEV II does bring most of the same layout signs as the initial, this feels a great bit a lot more production-ready. The 2013 concept had no mirrors, a smiling robot-like front fascia, and also stubby A-pillars that made the greenhouse appearance disproportionately small relative to the SUV.

On the second rendition that is set to go for the 2015 Geneva Auto Show, these concerns are all dealt with. Except for the tiny side-view mirrors, the entire exterior looks like maybe a manufacturing motor vehicle. We all recognize that Mitsu would likely not develop something this gorgeous. So, chances are we’ll see the XR PHEV II Concept toned method down if it makes it to production.


There are couple of information offered concerning the within and no pictures to look at. In Mitsubishi’s news release it mentions that there will be silver and also black hues, a minimalist control panel, as well as driver-focused cockpit. Because this is an idea, search for the most recent and also best in innovation on the within as well, like large displays and progressed telematics.

2016 Mitsubishi XR PHEV II Recap

To reanimate the XR PHEV 2 years after it initially strolled the vehicle showcase scene appeared odd initially, yet with the modifications done to it, I can see what Mitsu is doing. It is slowly warming up the general public approximately an electric-powered model. That can wind up with Mitsu supplying a full lineup of EVs. Possibilities are that the XR PHEV II will certainly be one of these production vehicles, or at least inspire a future one. We’ll find out a lot more when the version breaks cover at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.

2016 Mitsubishi XR-PHEV II concept int 3


Particular niche that has yet to be loaded
A wonderful happy medium between basic hybrids and also EVs
Looks much better compared to the initial


A tad underpowered
Simply front-wheel drive


More info: http://www.autoevolution.com/news/mitsubishi-concept-xr-phev-ii-teases-the-2016-mitsubishi-outlander-s-face-live-photos-92942.html

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