2016 Suzuki Baleno

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The new hatchback has been presented at Frankfurt Auto Show. This time it was the new 2016 Suzuki BalenoSuzuki has been making a lot of small interesting cars for the International market and one of these has been the extremely successful Swift. However, because people just wanted something bigger with more space for people and passengers, they decided to build a new small car to fit that role.

The 2016 Suzuki Baleno has just been released a couple of months ago and it should go on sale shortly. The model has a similar platform to the Swift but it is longer, wider and slightly lower than it. Despite these changes, it still fits the same class dimensions so in some countries it will get smaller taxes which will certainly make people turn to it.

Under the Hood

Engine wise, the 2016 Suzuki Baleno will come with three different engines, all of them being on petrol and none on diesel. This might change in the near future but for now these will have to do. The base model will come equipped with a naturally aspirated 1.2 liter inline 4 offering 89 horsepower and 89 lb-ft of torque. This particular engine will come equipped with a 5 speed manual or a CVT and thanks to the latter, it will easily beat its competitors when it comes to fuel consumption. For those looking for better performance, there is also going to be a 1 liter turbocharged inline 3 petrol engine which will provide 110 horsepower and 125 lb-ft of torque. Besides the usual 5 speed manual, a 6 speed automatic is also going to be available.

Instead of the usual diesel engine, the Baleno is going to be offered with a 1 liter turbocharged inline 3 hybrid mill. The power figures for this have not been released just yet but considering the electric engine will only be used as an assist unit, we expect it to develop a similar amount of power to the usual petrol engine while offering the fuel consumption of the 1.2 liter CVT model.

Design – Inside and Outside look

In terms of design, the car certainly brings something fresh for Suzuki. The front end is all new and the design language might set the path for a few future small models from them. The headlights are expressive while being the perfect dimension for the car while the front grille makes it stand out with the aggressive V. The profile of the car on the other hand looks a lot more like a hot-hatchback than anything else which is a good thing for such a cheap car. The back on the other hand looks a bit bland and the LED tail lights do not improve the aesthetics either.


Inside the cabin on the other hand, the 2016 Suzuki Baleno is a bit more interesting because it managed to offer more premium materials than its more expensive competitors. The dashboard is covered in a really soft material, the steering wheel is the right size and it is adjustable while the buttons have a really nice feel to them. The drawback are the seats which are sub-par when it comes to the sitting position even though the material used for their upholstery is certainly better than what we find on the Swift or even some of its other competitors.

2016 Suzuki Baleno main image

2016 Suzuki Baleno Price details

In order to be able to become a better car than its competitors, the Baleno has a few interesting design choices to it. On top of that, its engines are among the most fuel efficient out there and its running gear, while basic at best, still is one of the more capable in its class. The 2016 Suzuki Baleno will likely go on sale in the next couple of months and when it will hit the market, it should not cost more than the equivalent of 14,000 euros or roughly $16,000.

The biggest competitors are Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta.

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