2017 Lincoln Continental

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Lincoln has decided that this is the year for the return of their flagship sedan – the 2017 Lincoln Continental. It is now around 15 years since this model was last time in production and even though it is considered to be one of the legends of the American car history, it went in and out of production on more than three occasions.

A few years ago the American manufacturer showed a concept car that showed what the new 2017 Lincoln Continental should look like and the general public was amazed – the car looked stunning! Luckily, the car that will go into production will not be too different than the concept car that was shown.

Luxury Design – Exterior & Interior

The new Lincoln Continental will have same subtle design that was shown on the concept car, with few differences. The problem is that the concept car had lots of features that are quite expensive and are not yet in use, so we expect that the model that will go into production will have standard features. The front of the car now features a large chrome grille with chrome mesh and thick chrome outline. The grille houses slightly bigger Lincoln logo than before.

The headlights have state-of-the-art lighting elements and will come with LED daytime running lights. The air vents that were used on the concept car were replaced with bigger openings, which make the whole car look more aggressive. Even though the front of the new 2017 Lincoln Continental is similar to the one shown on the concept car, the situation is completely different in the back, where the American manufacturer changed almost every element.

The trunk lid is standard and opens just above the taillights. The taillights are completely different – they are much larger and have only LED elements. The bumper was redesigned to fit better in the overall design of the car.

Advanced & Modern Interior

The interior of the upcoming Lincoln Continental is simply amazing. Even though on images appears cold, in the real life is much more welcoming. The design and the styling suits the position of the Continental. The standard interior of the new Continental comes in two tones (dark grey and white) with metallic and wooden accents used throughout the whole interior.

There is a lot of leather, most notable are the seats and the steering wheel. The Lincoln Continental will come with the latest infotainment software that will have a large touch screen display to show satellite navigation and various data.

2017 Lincoln Continental

The Engine range

Many fans of the old V8 engines were disappointed that the new 2017 Continental will come with only one engine – the 3.0l V6. This unit is currently used only on the Lincoln Continental and it was tuned to produce 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. This engine will be paired to a 9-speed automatic transmission.

2017 Lincoln Continental Price

The price of the new 2017 Lincoln Continental is not yet known, but it should start at around $75,000.

Release date

The Lincoln Continental should go on sale in summer of 2016.

Competition: Cadillac CT6 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

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