2017 Toyota 86 GRMN

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The Toyota 86 is an already well known car which is not all that powerful but thanks to its rear wheel drive chassis and rather good suspension tuning, it can provide a really great driving experience which usually exceeds that offered by some more expensive cars. Well, in order to make it even better, Toyota’s Nurburgring race team developed an all new model, 2017 Toyota 86 GRMN, based on the 86 which will go on sale in Japan later this year.

Unlike with the usual model, the 2017 Toyota 86 GRMN is going to receive quite a few upgrades which aren’t really meant to make it faster in a straight line but they are rather there to allow the car to take corners faster.

New Design – Interior & Exterior

On the outside, the 2017 Toyota 86 GRMN is pretty similar to the normal version of the car but the specialists from GRMN added some interesting parts into the mix. The trunk and the hood are now made out of carbon fiber, the windshield and rear glass have been changed for lighter plexiglass while the car’s bumpers have been tweaked so it doesn’t have the heavy aluminum bumper inserts.

Also, a massive spoiler has been added on the trunk as well as a rather large diffuser. The end result is that the car lost 100 pounds and gained quite a bit of downforce which should help tremendously on the track.

Inside view

The interior of the GRMN edition has been left pretty much stock but the main difference over the base model is that the upholstery has been tweaked with contrasting stitching and the interior door-panels as well as some of the old equipment have been removed to save some extra weight.

The Engine range & Performance

Under the hood of the 2017 Toyota 86 GRMN we are going to see quite a few upgrades which will not make much sense at first but in the long run they will make the car more impressive and valuable. The engine has been completely rebuilt for this particular model with lower friction internals which allow higher rpm levels as well as they give the car better fuel efficiency and faster revving. Also, the intake and exhausts systems have been completely replaced with new units while the engine management system has been tweaked to harness the upgraded parts.

The car will be able to put down thanks to these a rather non-impressive 216 horsepower and 160 lb-ft of torque which is mildly better than before. Also, these changes will also be carried over to the upcoming facelift of the usual 86 but this will not get the other upgrades the GRMN version is getting.

For example, the car will now come with upgraded brakes with six piston calipers in the front and four pistons at the back which is a full racing spec. also, the wheels will be wider on both ends but the rims will stay similar to the base model with only the rear ones being slightly wider in order to allow for slightly better control and a bit more grip. The gearbox will be the same 6 speed manual as before but this time around a limited slip differential is going to be standard while the gearbox itself will use lighter internals.

side view 2017 Toyota 86 GRMN

2017 Toyota 86 GRMN Price details

The price for the model has been set at just over $55,000 which is a rather massive amount of money for an 86. However, Toyota will only build 100 units and all of them are going to be sold in Japan which means its value is bound to increase in the future.

Some upgrades include running gear changes, an upgraded motor as well as slight updates inside the cabin meant to make the car look a bit more up to date.

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